Architecture and Landscape in the Abstract is the first collaborative exhibit of a dynamic duo, glass sculptor Martin Kremer and painter Cate M. Leach. It was showcased at the Flinn Gallery at the Greenwich Library, in Greenwich, CT in May and June 2008.

Martin Kremer curated this exhibit. With no preconceived ideas, he “went shopping” for an artist whose paintings would complement his architectural sculpture. In viewing the work of Cate M. Leach, a fellow member of the Silvermine Guild, he found his ideal match.

Kremer works in kilnformed or fused glass to create sculpture inspired by various sources, ranging from Japanese architecture to sculptor Richard Serra and glass maestro Lino Tagliapietra. His recent series Paredes, spanish for walls, combines his interest in patterns, opacity and transparency, with balance and architectural tension. "My works may be seen as maquettes or models for large scale installations in public places. Within the thick walls of the glass structures are windows which are passages as well as destinations." Kremer's glass work is cast with stainless steel or stone bases, and varies in size from desktop sculptures to large conceptual pieces.

Leach’s compelling abstract landscapes in oil and acrylic create moods as haunting as a powerful theatrical set - which is not surprising as she closely experienced many stage settings during her years of dancing with George Balanchine in the New York City Ballet. Artists who have influenced her include Turner, Diebenkorn and Rauchenberg. "A blank canvas is not unlike an empty stage. My intention is to communicate drama and energy in this limitless space". Whether in her large six-foot square canvases or more intimate five-inch square collages, Leach achieves these goals. She immediately recognized the synergy between her work and Kremer’s.

Says Leach, "Marty’s dramatic architectural sculptures fascinate me with their surprising plays of light and form - the weight of the glass and the entirely weightless transparency of the medium. There is a playfulness in the windows of light - the unexpected portals to inner rooms. I tend to dance around a form until I capture it…my forms are elusive whereas Marty’s architecture stands boldly in three dimensions. In my imagination I walk through my abstracted landscapes; in this exhibit I step out and explore a city of glass."

Says Kremer, "Cate’s work gives mine context and mine gives hers depth. Or vice-versa?"

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Martin Kremer and Cate M. Leach
Architecture & Landscape In The Abstract
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