was crafted at the daVincishop

I prefer to think of a web site as a web presence.  A web site is just bits and bytes in cyberspace.  A web presence can be a very effective marketing tool and has to be crafted as such. My design approach can be summed up this way: a web presence has to be aesthetically outstanding and user-friendly, with the art, not technology, at center stage.

I crafted this web presence in close cooperation with Marty. I work closely with my clients, understanding where they want to go as artists and businesspersons. I want to make sure that their web presence expands the appeal of their art and grow their business.

Visit me at the daVincishop, where the art of business meets the business of art.

Zino Vogiatzis




The Ventana bowls were photographed by Fran Collin. The American Images bowls were photographed by Eva Heyd and Stuart Simons. The Black Cane, Ellipsis, In Depth, and Co-op City were photographed by James Dee. The Caithness installation was photographed by Curtis Lew.

Martin Kremer and Kremer Glass Studio